Version 1st of March 2016

All previous versions cease to be valid!

Our PA ist limited to 113,9 dB(CFTeq)/99dB(A) at FOH mix position!

No access to limiter/controller settings can be granted (despite of delay times)


Avid Venue Mix Rack System

-Profile Digital Console

-FOH Mix Rack:

48 CH analog XLR mic/line inputs

16 CH analog XLR outputs


3 DSP Mix Engine Cards

D-Show software

Venue Pack Pro 3.1. Ask for list of additional PlugIns (SPL, Waves, BX…)!

On request: 64 CH HD Native Recording (24 Bit, 48kHz)

Digital Audioworkstation i7 Windows 7 with Pro Tools HD10.

Ask for recording options and prices!

Power Supply FOH: 16A CEE Red 3L+N+PE 6h, alt. CEE 7/4 Type F („Schuko“)

Denon 501C Media Player (CD, MP3, USB, iPhone)

10eazy DIN dB and soundlevel management system


1 Klark DN360 GEQ (Master L/R)

1 TC D-Two Tap Delay with Footcontroller

Yamaha SPX 990 Multi FX

Intercom: 1x Axxent CP-100 Mainstation, 2x BP-100 Beltpack, 2x D-800 Headset,

2x LP100 Call Signal Light


Stagebox 1:1+1 Split 40 CH

MC 2×20 CH sym., Return MC 12 CH, 2nd Return MC 8CH


Total Output Power 11.690 W , 3-way active system + Center, Nearfills, Delayline

XTA DP448 SystemController (Main PA, Delay)

XTA DP446 (Nearfills, Sidefills)


2x GAE Director Series, 222T-A

2×12″ 700W/8Ω, 1×1,5″ 120W/8Ω (IEC), 60×40º CD

Amping: RAM S1500 (High), RAM W9000 (Mid)


4x GAE ATUE 152, 2x 15″, 1400W/4Ω each. Amping: RAM W12044

2x GAE BR215, 2×15“, 1400W/4Ω each. Amping: QSC RMX 5050


1x GAE System12TM 12“/2“, 60º radial, 350W (IEC) /8Ω. Amping: RAM S4004-DSP


2x GAE 121T 12″/2″ 350W/8Ω, 90×75º, Amping: QSC MX1500a


2x GAE PS152TM 15″/1,4″, 350W each. 60º radial. Amping: RAM S4000.


Yamaha M7CL-32

32 Mono Inputs, 4 Stereo Inputs, 16 Mix Busses


GAE System 15TM 15“/2“ 60º radial -N/Dym 400W (IEC) / 8Ω + BR115p-4, 15“ 700W (IEC) 4Ω each. Amping: RAM W9000


GAE 4475M/L 1050W (IEC) + GAE 4475M Amping: QSC MX3000a

Wedges: 11x GAE 4475M 350W (IEC)

1 Cue Wedge GAE 4475M

All in all: 12 Wedges (including Cue Wedge, Drumfill top, DJ Monitor if needed)

10 CH Amping QSC MX3000, 2 CH QSC EX2500

Power Supply Stage: 16A CEE Red 3L+N+PE 6h, alt. CEE 7/4 Type F („Schuko“)


1 AKG D112

1 Audio-Technica ATM 25

3 Audio Technica ATM 450 condenser

3 Audio-Technica ATPRO37 condenser

1 Audix D6

1 Sennheiser e901 PZM

2 Sennheiser e609

5 Sennheiser e604 Clip

1 Sennheiser MD 421

1 Shure Beta 52

8 Shure SM58

7 Shure SM57

2 Shure Beta57A

2 Shure Beta 58A

1Shure Beta91A

2 Shure ULX S4 /R4, with ULX2/Beta87A/R4 784.000-820.000 Hz

2 Shure QLX-D24E/B87A-G51 470-534.000Hz

2 Shure QLX-D1-G51 Beltpack 470-534.000Hz

2 Shure MX153 headset

Microphone Stands etc.: 13x tall boom, 5x short boom, 3x Straight, 2 Z-bars, var. claws


6x BSS AR-133 active

2x Palmer PAN 02 active

4x Palmer PAN 01 passive

1x Palmer PLI 04 Pro Media DI


1x Pioneer DJM850 DJ-Mixer (USB connection)

1x Pioneer DJM800 DJ-Mixer

2x Pioneer CDJ 850 CD-Player (Disc: Music CD, Disc/USB: Mp3, AAC, WAV, AIFF)

2x Pioneer CDJ 200 CD-Player (Disc: Music CD, Mp3, no USB!)

2x Pioneer CDJ 100s CD-Player

4x Technics Turntable SL1210 MK2





12 x PAR 64, CP 87 (0,5 kW), black
6 x High End Systems Studio Spot 575 (24CH)
6 x Martin MAC AURA ( 25CH)

4 x Moles 2Light, Audience Blinder


6 x PAR 64, CP 87 (0,5 kW), black
2 x A C L Circuits PAR 64, black
2 x Moles 4Light, Audience Blinder


6 x PAR 64, CP 87, ShortNose Floorspot (0,5 kW), black
2 x Moles 4Light, Audience Blinder

6 x Litecraft AT10 (8CH)

2 x Martin ATOMIC 3000 Strobe (4CH)
1 x BASE HAZE 1,5kW/ Haze -Machine
1 x Antari F1500 / Smoke Machine


4 x STRAND Cantata F, Fresnel (1 kW)
2 x STRAND Cantata PC (1 kW)
5 x STRAND Cadenza 18/32, PC (1 kW)

4 x LED PAR RGB Eurolite (5CH)

4 x LED PAR CW Eurolite (4CH)


12 x PAR 64 CP 87 (0,5 kW), black
2 x Martin ATOMIC 3000 Strobe (4CH)

4 x High End Systems Studio Spot 575 (24CH)

54 x LED PAR RGB Eurolite (5CH)
1 x Black Gun inkl. 400 W UV-Lampe

8 x CAMCO Digital Dimmer 12 x 2,3 kW


Chamsys MagicQ mq60 + MagicQ Extra Wing


Only on request:
XGA LCD-Projektor
Resolution: 1024×768 Pixel
Format: 4:3
Contrast ratio: 3000:1
Brightness: 5000 ANSI Lumen

Note: please bring your own adapters to VGA

Stage dimensions: 7,80m wide, 6,0m deep, 1m high, 3,7m clearance
FOH dimensions (Sound & Light): 2,0m wide, 3,0m deep, 0,3m high
Backdrop: Pipe 6m, Backtruss 8m

Height: 5m ( Clearance 4,7m)
Parking in front of the Venue
Loading way : 60m, 3 steps
Electricity: 32ACEE 16A CEE for nightliners available

4m table, well lit – fee: a few crewshirts would be nice

Backstage access via soundgate
lockable production office with Wifi Internetaccess
2 heated dressing rooms
2 showers / 2 toilets

Area Plan: