• Doors Open: 20:00
  • AK: 15,- €
  • VVK (zzgl. VVK-Gebühr): 11,- €
    Support: Splittin'Image, Strg Z

    After a busy and eventful 40th Anniversary Year, Punk Legends Slaughter & The Dogs roll forward and are delighted to announce a new record deal with US label, Cleopatra and the first live dates in an exciting new chapter for the band.

    An incendiary new album, ‘Vicious’ is set for release on 16 September, carrying all the hallmarks of Manchester’s finest and the best writing Wayne Barrett and Mick Rossi have produced for many years; Killer guitars, huge choruses and street anthems raise the bar and defy any pre-conceptions some may have of a band entering its fifth decade. There’s a vitality, urgency and an edge here from a band with unfinished business… who mean business!

    ‘Vicious’ has a pedigree rooted firmly in the band’s own history and their influences, with plenty to excite existing fans, but the album also breaks new ground sonically and is sure to bring in a whole new audience. 11 new songs and, arguably, the best cover of T-Rex’s ‘Get It On (Bang A Gong)’ since the original, were recorded back in February in Los Angeles between two legs of the bands most recent US Tour and mixed prior to Japanese dates in early Spring.

    While the band have been an active force in the studio and in concert globally for the last 20 years, with J.P. Thollet (Bass) and the recently and tragically departed, Noel Kay (Drums), helping to forge the band’s fearsome reputation as live act, Mick Rossi and Wayne Barrett felt it appropriate to bring together the first ‘Slaughter & The Dogs’ line up for two shows to mark the bands formation in mid-70’s Wythenshawe. Zip Bates and Brian ‘Mad Muffet’ Grantham joined the band for an exclusive Manchester date, promoted by long time associate and close friend, Moz Murray and recorded for posterity as the ‘Back to the Start’ DVD, before this line up’s final bow as a headline act at Rebellion 2016 in Blackpool.

    That done, Mick and Wayne are itching to get out there and promote the new record. Fans won’t have to wait too long after the release of Vicious, with 2017 dates already announced.



    So genau weiß das keiner mehr, aber irgendwann Mitte der achtziger Jahre
    schrieben CeeGee und Hansen den ersten Song „Splittin’Image“ und schon
    ging’s los.
    Wenige Jahre später supporteten sie Bands wie 999, Lurkers, Captain Sensible
    und UK Subs.
    1991 erschien die erste CD „ just a little bit o‘ luck“ auf Frenzy Records.
    Diverse Umbesetzungen und stressige Touren führten zur Auflösung
    irgendwann zwischen Millennium und dem Irak Einmarsch.

    CeeGee ging nach England zurück und Hansen spielte mit Scotfree.
    Ende 2013 kehrte CeeGee zurück, füllte Hansen ab und beide glaubten, dass
    die Musikwelt eine Band wie Splittin’Image wieder verkraften könnte.
    Gesagt, getan – mit
    -Ariana ( Female Trouble, Quartered Shadows) an den Sticks,
    -Ceegee am Mikrofon
    -Martini Martin ( Heilige drei Könige, aka Slash Vicious bei Terrorgruppe,
    TheBottrops ) am Bass,
    – Noppa ( Pearl Harbor, Scotfree, Bomb Texas, Milli Vanilli) an der Gitarre
    -Hansen ( Scotfree u.a) an der Gitarre
    und ab gings.

    Im Juni 2015 war es soweit:
    auf der Fete de La Musique der erste Gig
    drei Monate später Support der Toten Hosen in Leipzig
    April 2016 Tribute to Joe Strummer im Clash

    Splittin’Image kreuzen Popsongs und Punkrock in guter alter Kreuzberg-
    Britischer Tradition.